850 Kg Excavator for Hire Sussex

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850 Kg Excavator for Hire Sussex

Looking for a 850 Kg Excavator for Hire in the Sussex area? Here at FNR Plan Hire we are your local Excavator and Small Plant Hire Specialists for the South East of England.

KUBOTA K008 Mini Excavator

The Kubota K008 is one of the most efficient Mini Excavators; with enhanced operator protection this super mini-excavator is the perfect choice for jobs with limited space.

FNR Plant Hire

FNR PLANT HIRE provides Excavation solutions throughout the South East. We have a team of professionals to provide the necessary services if you are looking for a specific local Excavator. Our staff has been working in the industry for some time, ensuring our expertise in the field.

Working with local builders, construction companies, landscapers, domestic users and even farmers has allowed us to develop the skills and knowhow to carry out different types of projects. We continually look for ways to expand our network and build trusting relationships with companies.

How to Hire our 850 Kg Excavator

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